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Acupuncture And Thermography Make A Dynamic Duo For Healing

Carolina Holistic Health, LLC owned and operated by Christina LeBoeuf Lic.Ac; CCT has joined Odyssey Chiropractic in Greenville, SC. Ms. LeBoeuf is a Diplomate of The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and is a licensed acupuncturist by the State of SC and NY as well as a Certified Clinical Thermographer. She obtained her Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine from Atlantic University of Oriental Medicine in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 2004, her Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science from Plattsburgh State University in 2000 and her Level II Clinical Thermographer Certification in 2014. Ms. LeBoeuf has been working in the natural health care field for 15 years. She specializes in treating: women's health, digestive troubles, chronic illness, stress reduction, pain relief.

Acupuncture is one of the oldest continually practiced medical modalities in the world. It is used to prevent and treat disease, relieve pain, balance mood, enhance athletic performance, increase fertility, and improve overall health and wellness.

Thermography also known as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a monitor of thermal abnormalities present in a number of diseases and physical injuries. It is used as an aid for diagnosis and prognosis, as well as therapy follow up and rehabilitation monitoring, within the clinical fields of rheumatology, neurology, physiotherapy, sports medicine, oncology, pediatrics, orthopedics and many others. This state of the art exam is non-invasive, painless, quick, and requires no radiation! The Meditherm medical infrared imaging camera is the only one registered with the FDA as a Class I medical device.

Together Acupuncture, Thermography, Nutrition, and Herbs create a powerfully effective approach to true healing. Thermography guided Acupuncture enhances the treatments by creating a vivid picture of the current imbalances in the patients body. The Thermography picture/map of the patient allows the creation of a treatment plan that works quicker, lasts longer and therefore saves the patient time and money. Often, Christina has seen health problems using Thermography that were unseen by all the other diagnostic tests the patient had done prior.

A good example of such a case: A male patient of Christina's in his 60's was prescribed a steroid cream by his MD for a "bump" on his upper arm. He was instructed by the MD to use the cream for 6 weeks and then have a follow up appointment if it was not gone. Originally the bump was about the size of a pencil eraser and had a scaly white top on it. It didn't hurt or itch but was new. After using the cream for 6 weeks the bump was now red and irritated. During a routine check in call to the patient, he told Christina the story about the "bump" and she asked him to come to her office for a Thermography evaluation. After imaging both upper arms (under all the same conditions) it was obvious that the right arm with the "bump" had angiogenesis (new blood supply) surrounding the area in question. It looked to Christina that this was likely a case of skin cancer misdiagnosed by his MD. She asked him to go to his MD and have it removed. The lab results: Squamous Cell Carcinoma. A case of: the right place at the right time to help this patient!

What can Acupuncture and Thermography do for you? The possibilities are endless....


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