Abnormal Cell Healing Testimonial

Carolina Holistic Health is proud to offer Asea redox technology and Electro Sound Lymphatic drainage at the clinic. These therapies when combined can have a profound positive effect on the body. Carolina Holistic Health does not make any medical claims and the identity of the patient in the testimonial has been kept private. The nature of her disease has also been described but not named in an effort to prevent making medical claims...the rest of the testimonial is in her words.

ASEA & Electro-Lymphatic Therapy have changed everything for me. I am 53 yrs old. In January of this year, I was diagnosed with Chronic LL (a serious disorder of the blood and lymph). Three months after, I was also diagnosed with Lymphedema on my right side. The Lymphedema was the most troublesome as my right leg felt like it weighed a ton, my right elbow was painful and my right hand and fingers were very heavy and often painful. As the "medical" field provided no hope or help for either condition, I began to research online alternative and natural options for my conditions. I found that for both disorders, rebounding on a mini trampoline helped move our lymphatic fluids. I purchased one and use it faithfully every day as it does help. Also was recommended to have lymphatic drainage done so I was beyond blessed when I found Christina @ Carolina Holistic Health in Travelers Rest, SC. I felt relief immediately after my first therapy session! She also recommended ASEA to me. I figured that it certainly wouldn't hurt to try it. If one doesn't try....one will never know. Also, I'm reaching for more time on this earth and will not go the Chemotherapy route! By day 5 of drinking the ASEA, I was astounded and extremely excited about all of the changes. Prior to drinking ASEA, I was sleeping 12-14 hours a day, had no energy at all....getting up was an effort...food was of no interest...things that I used to do and enjoy, didn't happen....night/day sweats....very foggy and did not retain or track well in my head at all. ASEA changed ALL of those things for me. It truly is something that I cannot describe. A complete 360 of the prior 6 months of my life. I can only say that... to me it is a miracle drink. I have life again! I am forever grateful to Christina...her wisdom...her knowledge...her caring and for giving me hope. And yes, also, the whole ASEA team of doctors and staff. MM~7/22/16