Fountain OF Youth ~ Rejuvenation & Detox Starting 1/9/17

Program Starts January 9, 2017!
This is a Complete Holistic Detoxification & Rejuvenation Program!  Learn multiple techniques in holistic & energy healing, mindful eating, meridian balancing and all-natural supplements.  In this 8-week program you will reveal to yourself the body, life and mindset that you have always dreamed of. Experience relief from physical discomforts, elevate to youthful energy and stamina, increase metabolism for dynamic weight loss, anti-aging, and increased mental clarity.

In this 8-week Program you will receive-

1.       2 Cases of ASEA ($320) – This is the world’s first and only Redox signaling molecular supplement.  Four nobel prizes have been given in the last 30 years for Redox research! This supplement is vital to the body’s natural process of cellular regeneration and boosts Glutathione in the body 500%.

2.       2 RENU 28 ($90) – Sister product of ASEA, this restorative gel accelerates the efficiency and resiliency of your skin cell reproduction for repair of damaged skin and effectively reducing physical discomfort for a more youthful look and increased comfort.

3.       Ionic Foot Detox ($160) – (4 Sessions) The energetic flow of ions through the body and out the largest pores in the body at the feet, create a powerfully effective detoxification of all of the organs of the body including the removal of harmful heavy metals.

4.       Sun Salutation and Customized Merdian Exercises ($100) – These simple, but whole body stretching routines unblock and restore the energetic flow in our body and mind for increased vitality, peaceful, focused thoughts, and improved organ function.

5.       Far Infrared Light Sauna ($120) – (4: 30 min. Sessions) The Sauna produces the same infrared light as the Sun which is required for all living things.  It penetrates into the joints, muscles, and tissues feeding oxygen flow, increasing circulation and removing impurities such as heavy metals.

6.       Ear Seeds ($240) – (8 Treatments) Using weekly Acupressure on the microsystem of the ear, multiple system imbalances will be addressed such as: weight loss, stress and fatigue.

7.       Access Bars ($640) – (8 Sessions) This is a gentle, yet dynamic energy clearing of touching specific points on the head to facilitate clarity, non-judgement, and freedom from negativity.  The worst case scenario is that you will feel completely relaxed after your first session, the best case scenario is that your whole life will change.

8.       Thermography ($400) – (Before & After Half Body Imaging) A totally non-invasive clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring a number of diseases and physical injuries by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Has been known to detect breast cancer up to 8 years earlier than mammography.

9.       Mindful Eating Education ($100) – We will discuss and provide handouts on the benefits of increased purified water intake, vegetable juicing, increased plant-based eating, the benefits of smoothies and shakes, saliva pH, and the foods you should avoid and/or eliminate for increased energy and vitality.

10.   Vegan Protein Shakes ($60) – 2 canisters of your choice of flavors. Includes multiple vitamins and minerals as well as probiotics.

11.   Calendar of activities and suggested meals – each participate will receive their FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH calendar to schedule all of your sessions & treatments.

Total Package Cost $2,230 (discount if you join with a friend= $2,007 each)

WE ENCOURAGE ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS! Join with a friend and you both receive 10% off. Space is limited.

THIS IS GOING TO BE AN AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR MIND, YOUR BODY, & YOUR SPIRIT.  We intend for you to choose to gift this experience to your beautiful Self.  You deserve it!


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