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Eczema Be Gone!...Testimonial

I am sharing this testimonial about the redox gel, a product I use daily myself and one that my patients adore with the hope that you to will get relief from a skin condition or ache that has been plaguing you. I have tested this product in my clinic and several of my colleagues have done the same.We see significant improvement in a wide range of health concerns in 9 out of 10 people! This is far better results than most drugs, surgery and even some holistic therapies can provide! Even better... it is safe, non toxic, and native to the body, so there is absolutely no fear of interactions or allergic responses. I'm over the moon about the Redox gel!
Testimonial: I am so thankful for the Redox gel..!! It has helped me with my Eczema, Rosacea, and with my knee discomfort and swelling. My Rosacea is so much lighter. I have been using the Redox gel every morning on my Rosacea for about 6 months now. You can hardly see it on my left cheek and it is much lighter on the right cheek. I am thrilled with the improvement...!!!

I have also been using the Redox gel on my Eczema. As soon as I feel the itch and the little bumps I put on the the Redox gel and instantly the itch stops. Last week (February 6, 2017), I had a new breakout on my back that has been reoccurring each winter. I put on one dose of the the Redox gel in the morning and forgot to put on more (because I didn’t feel the itch). The next morning I woke up felt a tiny itch and couldn’t believe how smooth my skin was.....!! After only one tiny bit of the Redox gel the morning before...!! (OTC medications were not helping) I love this stuff.......

The other day I burned my forehead with my curling iron......... it hurt like crazy. I put on the the Redox gel and the discomfort was gone instantly...!! I have put it on 2 to 3 times for 2 days and it is healing beautifully.....!!

And lastly........ a year ago I re-injured my knee, just getting out of a chair. I twisted it wrong and boom, I was in so much discomfort. My knee was sooooo swollen. I put on the the Redox gel three times initially and didn’t see much improvement. I put it on two more times before I saw relief in the level of discomfort. I put it on two more times before bed and it finally helped so much and also the swelling went down. I kept using it that week only when I needed it. My knee continued to get better each day. I went from walking with a cane, and propping it up on a pillow when in bed and sitting, to not having surgery...!!! The Redox gel got me through a very rough time. My knee isn’t perfect, I am careful with what I do. But, I didn't have surgery...!!! I am grateful for the Redox gel......!!!! Thanks, Christina......!!!

For a FREE sample of the Redox gel call my office (864) 516-6868


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