Diagnostic Options

Comprehensive Evaluation: $600
Recommended for people who have tried many therapies and are still having a difficult time figuring out how to feel vibrant, healthy and whole.
Includes: Half body Thermography screening, Zyto full body analysis, Chinese Medicine examination, herbal and dietary counseling, and AmpCoil biofeedback voice analysis. Set aside at least 3 hours.
*Package savings $75
**Optional: computerized analysis of your blood work drawn in the last 30 days or less. Please call 2 weeks ahead of your appointment to discuss blood work that needs to be submitted prior to your visit

Consultation & Evaluation: $100/hr

Review of patient history, diet, lifestyle, an optional review of recent blood work (last 30 days), and Chinese Medicine diagnosis. Health concerns are addressed and a custom treatment plan is created. Supplements/herbs are not included in price.

Thermography Options

Zyto- Whole Body Autonomic Response Testing 65 minutes: $200

Computerized analysis of blood work with dietary and supplement recommendations: $100

Hair Mineral Analysis: $100

Blood-Saliva-Urine Testing Options

Therapies Offered

Acupuncture Options

Electro Sound Lymphatic Drainage (ELT) Options

AmpCoil Biofeedback PEMF Therapy Options

Scenar /Avazzia Biofeedback Treatment: $50/half hr, $100/hr
needle-free pain relief and total body balancing

InfraRed Sauna Therapy: $30/half hour, $50/hr (please bring 2 towels with you)

Fisher Wallace Device Treatment: $30/20 minutes (relieves mild to moderate anxiety and depression)

Cupping Treatment: $45

BSFF (Emotional Freedom Technique): $60/hr

Discount Packages

Hours are by appointment:

Monday 9a-12p, 2p-5p
Tuesday 3p-7p

Wednesday 9a-12p, 2p-5p
Thursday 3p-7p

Friday 9a-12p, 2p-4p

Appts. can be booked online and by calling the office 
Please call to make an appointment if less than 24 hours prior

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Appointments cancelled within 24 hours or less of a scheduled visit will be charged a $40 fee

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