AmpCoil Overview

Cleanse ~ Shift ~Transform

Simple ~ Safe... Made for everyone

The AmpCoil is a non-invasive PEMF sound technology that brings the body back in tune, vibrating in its original, pure state faster than you might expect. 

PEMF re-energizes damaged cells by restoring them to their normal, healthy state, which is in harmony with nature, as nature intended them to be.

When cellular metabolism is boosted … blood cells are regenerated
circulation is improved
oxygen carrying capacity is increased
the nervous system relaxes
bones and joints become stronger
vital organs, such as the liver, kidneys and colon, are able to rid themselves of impurities
immune system becomes healthier
PEMF can also reduce pain and improve the quality of your life by allowing your body to function as it was designed to do.

PEMF is used extensively with athletes for enhanced recovery and performance, and to treat sports-related injuries. However, it also has great applications with a) chronic illnesses, especially pain syndromes including fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches/migraines, chronic back pain and b) autoimmune disorders, including Lyme disease and its many co-infections. It can be used as a whole body treatment or on localized areas where pain or injury exists.

BetterGuide, the AmpCoil’s powerful tone-generating app includes biofeedback voice analysis. With the integration of biofeedback, BetterGuide is able to pinpoint which vibrations the body is asking for. In response, it delivers harmonizing frequency patterns back into your body. The modified Tesla coil projects a fountain-like energy vortex outward, providing a carrier field that helps to re-tune and reshape the forms of vibrational imbalances found in the body.

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Basic Guidelines For AmpCoil Sessions:

Session 1: Voice analysis, consultation & treatment plan discussion, 34 minute treatment (Harmonizer, Positivity, Relax All, or Balance the Mind)

Session 2: If Immune/Lymphatic showed over 86% in the Organ systems on voice analysis then the best place to start is with 3-6 Electro Sound Lymphatic Drainage (ELT) sessions before moving to AmpCoil session 2. A voice analysis will be performed again before starting the AmpCoil protocol.

If more than 1-3 Organ systems & 1-3 Nutrition items were over 86% on voice analysis then this session will be boosting those items followed by a 33 minute treatment of one of the following: Harmonizer, Positivity, Relax All, or Balance the Mind. If more than 3 Organ & Nutrition items are over 86% in each category, then session 2 will be an hour session of boosting all organs and session 3 will be boosting all nutrition.

Session 3: Boosting all nutrition if necessary or start the cleanse protocol.

Cleanse Protocols:

Voice analysis showed 1 item over 86%: 4 sessions cleansing that 1 item for 17 minutes on Smart Journey to be completed within 10 days (includes all boost items & is 1 hour)

Voice analysis showed 2 items over 86%: 6 sessions cleansing those 2 items for 7 minutes each on Smart Journey to be completed within 15 days (includes all boost items & is 1 hour)

Voice analysis showed 3-5 items over 86%: 10 sessions cleansing those 3-5 items for 7 minutes each on Smart Journey to be completed within 25 days (includes all boost items & is 1.5 hours)

Severely immunocompromised individuals must take a slower approach.
Consume 12 oz of water 2 hours before each session and 12 oz of water right after.
Constipation must be corrected before starting an AmpCoil cleanse protocol.
Days between cleansing sessions it is highly recommended that individuals enjoy  20 minute Epsom salt baths, 30 minute InfraRed Sauna sessions, activated  charcoal capsules and/or ELT to facilitate toxin removal.

Cost: $60 1st session, $50 1 hr session, $65 1.5 hr session, $60 re-evaluation with treatment, $20 voice analysis can be added to any other treatments offered at the clinic

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