Electro Lymphatic Drainage (ELT)



Electro-Lymphatic Therapy is a gentle, light touch, non-invasive, one-hour accelerated technique of cleansing and detoxifying the lymphatic system. A combination of vibrational, light, and electrical waves help to stimulate the flow by causing the dissociation of proteins that have become trapped in the interstitial fluids. When trapped proteins (not to be confused with nutrient proteins) release their bond, the stagnate lymph is liberated and will flow out into its normal filtration and reabsorption channels. Blockages can occur from normal life stressors such as: illnesses, tight fitting clothing including ties, bras, jockey shorts and pantyhose, lack of exercise, bumps, bruises and other injuries, exposure to heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides, food allergies or sensitivities, and surgery.

ELT improves many conditions including:
General Inflammation
Edema and Water Retention
Heart Disease
Post Cosmetic Surgery – speeds healing time
Cosmetic enhancement by fluid deposit reductions
Lyme Disease
Pre and Post Athletic Application – decrease muscle/tendon strain and healing time
Enlarged Prostate
General detox and cleansing
Weight Loss (80% of overweight women have sluggish lymphatic systems according to new research)
Sinus Problems
Fibrocystic/Tender Breasts
Regenerates Tissues
Reduces Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia
Reduces Joint Pain

Electro Lymphatic Therapy can reach areas that traditional manual lymphatic massage can not (30% of lymph nodes reside in the abdomen, electro-sound therapy pulsations can reach up to 6 inches deep), can treat areas that would normally be too painful for manual lymphatic therapy such as with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue (electro-sound therapy stimulates the lymph without applying pressure on the muscles), and fewer treatments are needed because one ELT session equals as much as 6-8 manual lymphatic therapy sessions.

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