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Sara Alvarado

Sara is a Certified Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Certified clinical Thermographer, Licensed Esthetician, Certified Medical Assistant and Microblading Artist.
Sara has advanced education and several years of experience in beauty, aesthetics, and healthcare. She is prepared and committed to assisting you on your path to looking and feeling great, naturally and holistically.  Sara's calm demeanor, patience and active listening skills makes you confident that your concerns are heard. She is thoughtful in her responses making sure that you understand all of your options so that you can get the best results and achieve your goals.
To make an appointment for skincare with Sara: SkinHappy Studio

Carolina Holistic Health, LLC
1622 East North St Ste 4
Greenville, SC 29607

(864) 516-6868

A credit card is required to schedule an appointment. It will be charged a non-refundable no show fee of 50% of your session if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment** Our time is just as valuable as yours. Another appointment will not be booked until the no show fee is paid in full. An email and/or text message will be sent to you when your appointment is made. If you do not receive correspondence, then your appointment didn't go through.