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Why Choose Emerson?
Ensuring the highest level of quality has been in Emerson’s DNA since day one. With all of our brands meeting cGMP standards, we have taken our commitment to quality a step further with Emerson Quality Program℠.  Emerson’s Gold Partner Brands test every lot of every ingredient in the products they manufacture, far exceeding FDA requirements.  Emerson’s Silver Partner Brands perform enhanced testing that exceeds FDA requirements.

EQP Process: Brands who wish to participate must complete an application that details their current manufacturing process, including cGMP processes, raw material testing and final product testing. These applications are then reviewed and summarized by Emerson’s quality department. Next, we conduct a document audit which requires the brands to provide any requested Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well as manufacturing records and analytical documentations. This is followed by product testing through an independent laboratory and a day long, on-site audit by our team. The process concludes with a detailed audit report, with manufacturers being responsible to correct findings as indicated. Brands are reevaluated bi-annually.


Sign up for a Standard Process patient account by clicking the image.  Simply call (864) 516-6868 for our clinic code. 

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A credit card is required to schedule an appointment. It will be charged a non-refundable no show fee of 50% of your session if you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment** Our time is just as valuable as yours. Another appointment will not be booked until the no show fee is paid in full. An email and/or text message will be sent to you when your appointment is made. If you do not receive correspondence, then your appointment didn't go through.